Electron Startup

Got my new Electron and set it up and activated my card using my computer.
I went to my Cell phone and it said I already registered my card on the electron.
How can I get to Tinker on my Cell phone to use it with my new Electron?

You can select the Electron in the device and Tinker with the pin via the app

Sorry, I don’t understand your comment.
You can select the Electron in the device and tinker with the pin via the app.
Is Tinker already on the Electron from the factory?
I set up the SIM card on my computer and when I go to the Particle app on my Iphone and select Electron it says I already activated the electron, how do I get to the TInker app?

Yes, Tinker is part of the factory default firmware.
But if you want to reflash it after you have overwritten it with your own code, you can find the Tinker firmware project in build.particle.io as a stock project
via CLI using particle flash --serial tinker or particle flash --usb tinker