Electron solid blue RGB led

I set up an electron about a week ago, flashed firmware to it and tested, then set it aside until I was ready to install. Plugged it back in today to test before going out to the jobsite and it won’t connect to the cloud, it flashes green, then rapid cyan for about 2 minutes then goes to solid blue, not breathing, just solid. I’ve attached a video link for viewing.

That solid cyan (? - unless set via RGB.control()) suggests a deadlock in the system which may well be caused by your code.
Try flashing some other code, check behaviour and then flash your own code again. If the problem reappears you may need to show some of your code.

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its not cyan, its dark blue, same color as in setup mode, but not blinking or breathing.

Irrespective of the actual colour, solid anything does usually indicate a deadlock.

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Ok, thats what I was wondering, it doesn’t show it in the docs, so it left me in the dark. I’ll flash tinker to it and go from there. Although this same code works fine on another electron, and worked fine last week. If I do need to share my code, would you mind a PM rather than posting publicly?

PM is fine.

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Are they running the same system firmware as well?

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I’m testing an Electron also and I noticed the solid Blue LED the other day.

What I have noticed is that I get a much more stable cellular connection and breathing cyan LED status if the Electron is powered via the USB port vs the included 2000mAh LiPo. I see a lot more cellular network dropouts and longer connection times when running off a fully charged LiPo for some reason.

I’m running the current latest version 8 firmware.

I would try powering the Electron from both USB & Battery at the same time if you’re not already.

Once you see that solid blue LED status it’s not changing without power reset.

I thought the Blue LED was a lack of SIM card indicator.

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Both are running 0.6.4 and were at the time as well. I’ve since flashed tinker, reflashed my code and it seems stable now, though I’m still not sure what caused it. The only difference in the user code they are running is a publish event name.

@RWB I was powering it via USB on my computer, with the particle supplied USB cable and the LiPo battery. I try not to run solely off of battery unless I absolutely have to.

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It would be nice to know what the Solid Blue status indicates exactly.

I’m running fully Automatic, no system threading enabled, and no interrupts enabled.

@ScruffR I’m assuming when we get the hardware Watchdog back and if we use it correctly it should reset the Electron should this Blue LED state happen?

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It doesn’t really indicate any status - it’s just the “frozen echo” of the last status that was present before the crash/lockup. Whatever the LED was when it crashed (could be steady off, blue, cyan, green, white, …).

From my observations, this happens after not being able to connect to the cellular networks after numerous attempts.

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In such a case falling into Listening Mode is the (optional) response of the device, but that would be indicated as blinking blue if the LED then freezes it’s an indication that something caused Listening Mode to deadlock.

Mine went from fast blinking cyan to solid blue.