Electron - LED alternating between red and yellow [SOLVED- PEBKAC]

I just unboxed my second Electron and set it up and am experiencing an issue:

On power-up it will connect to the cloud fine (breathing cyan), after about five minutes it will turn solid green for about a minute, then alternate between red and yellow (changing every second or so) and stay that way. About three feet away, another electron is running identical firmware without issue.

I have tried dfu updating, and reflashing firmware with CLI, I have also tried CLI key doctor- none have changed the behavior.

TLDR: Electron- Breathes cyan for ~5 min on reset -> solid green for ~ 1min -> red (1 sec), yellow (1 sec) repeat red->yellow forever

EDIT: GIF link of red/yellow pattern in action: https://giphy.com/gifs/t7iw3eaui9BV6

EDIT: Nevermind, it was my code causing it.

That’s not an expected color sequence. Perhaps try swapping batteries?

@mdma- I swapped the battery and usb+charger from a working Electron, and after about 20 minutes, the same thing happened again- flashing between red and yellow at about 1Hz. The other Electron (that I swapped charger/battery from) is still working fine, so it doesn’t appear to be the battery or charger.

Please try Safe Mode and see if it does the same thing after 5 minutes.

If not I would suspect it’s running some other firmware besides Tinker.

If you put the Electron in Listening Mode and run this command you can get a good idea of what firmware is on the device:

particle serial inspect

We can also read out the flash memory and see what’s on the electron if need be.

@BDub- the Electron is running my firmware, not Tinker- same firmware as the working Electron sitting next to it.

Would you please share your source? Do you control the RGB led at all?


Thanks for the push in the right direction, @BDub- a bit of code my code was indeed being called, I was testing on a breadboard instead of in my PCB, so a pin was left floating. Stupid me.

Thanks folks!

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No worries, it happens to everyone! Glad to see you unblocked :wink: