Electron Sim Card options

Hello everyone,

I have a couple of simple questions about the Electron (3G cellular) platform. I have a project in mind, however it would need the ability to transfer more data that the 1mb per month that the included sim card provides. So my question, would the electron have the ability to transfer data (an in 5-10mb photo files over the cellular network)? Also, would the electron work with say, a verizon/at&t/t-mobile sim data card that carries a much larger monthly data plan? My apologies if these seem like silly questions, I am very new to this. And honestly, ‘new’ doesn’t really do it justice, I know next to nothing about this system. Thank you to anyone who may have some amplifying info!


Welcome to the community!

Short answer: yes, you can use a different SIM card (as pointed out in many other topics, as well as the documentation). Here’s a nice tutorial regarding just that: Electron 3rd-party SIM tips

Thank you for the speedy response, and for the link to the resource. I will definitely go start browsing through there. I do appreciate it, this is what I needed, a direction to look!


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