Sim Memory for Electron

Hello everyone! this is my first post!
I want to know if i can use the memory of a sim card to save some data when the device don’t have signal? I look for it on the forum but i could’t find the answer


What Electron are you using? (2G, 3G, LTE)
You would need to do that via the cellular module on your device and the respective AT command.

I am using Electron 3G , Cellular.command() looks very interesting.
There are many commands that we can use, There are commands to save phonebook and to send messages. Do you know a simple command to save a string as a variable and then recover it?

The sim uses a EEPROM, if i constantly write data, could it be a problem?


Just out of interest, why would you want to write to the SIM and not use the flash memory of the controller?

@ScruffR, having the data on the SIM makes it portable from Electron to Electron I would think.

While true it would be good to know the OPs intent - if “SIM swapping” wasn’t the intended use case other options may be more beneficial to investigate.

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