Electron Setup - not breathing cyan

Hi there! I am just setting up and following the steps in the https://setup.particle.io/. I am ready to claim my Electron but it doesn’t seem to settle on breathing cyan.

It just breathes white, blinks fast green, blinks fast cyan for a while, then gets disrupted by a little red + yellow (maybe this is orange) then back to fast cyan, then goes back to the breathing white. It just loops to this sequence.

What I have tried:
(1) Upgrading the firmware.
It now says 0.5.1. So I think that’s okay now?

(2) Resolving the the keys. I tried

particle keys server


particle keys doctor <device ID>

–did nothing. :worried:

Not sure if this helps but I can put it to Listening Mode (blinking blue) and DFU Mode (blinking yellow), but not Magenta. It goes to blinking white when I release it at the Magenta color.

I hope someone can help me! Thanks! :relaxed: