Electron RSSI Value, What is a good signal?

I see that rssi: (int) is the signal strength with range -113dBm to -51dBm (in 2dBm steps), but what is an excellent vs good RSSI value?

What are the approximate cut off values between excellent, good, marginal, poor?

The lower the number the better the signal.


@RWB for the qual do you also have ranges that indicate excellent vs poor?

qual: (int) is a number in UMTS RAT indicating the Energy per Chip/Noise ratio in dB levels of the current cell. This value ranges from 0 to 49, higher numbers indicate higher signal quality.

I do not have a chart for RSSI. I found that diagram on the web.

Hi @wesner0019

See this thread for answers, particularly the break-points system software uses for the 5- to 1-bar RSSI codes.