Signal/connection quality indicator on Electron - use RSSI or Qual?

Hello, in my project using an Electron I would like to implement an indicator for the signal or connection quality. I am thinking about an equivalent to the indicators we all have on our mobile phones, i.e. the five dots or bars in the upper part of the display. The idea is to use the parameters that the Electron firmware provides, scale this to some arbitrary %-age value and display it, e.g. colour coded with a RGB LED or something like that (e.g. best quality: 80-100% in green colour, 60-80% in yellow etc.).

The Electron firmware provides via the CellularSignal sig = Cellular.RSSI();the data structure CellularSignal with the two parameters signal strength (RSSI) and signal quality (qual). The documentation explains that RSSI returns the “... signal strength with range -113dBm to -51dBm (in 2dBm steps).”, while qual represents ... the Energy per Chip/Noise ratio in dB levels of the current cell (ranging from 0 to 49, higher numbers indicate higher signal quality).

Which of these would be the most appropriate to implement a mobile phone-like indication for the cellular connection quality?

Not a “guru” answer but I’m using the strength (vs. quality) since that seems to be universal.

Since our device as a 8-element NeoPixel bar, we actually have a mode to the show the strength (or quality) as a bar and include red, yellow or green as appropriate.


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