Photon RSSI - what does it really mean?

I have read some other topics on the issue but seem to be having trouble getting a clear answer. Am I correct in saying that the command WiFi.RSSI() does NOT return dB but just a number from -127 to 0? I know the higher the number the better the signal but what is considered “good”, what about “great” and when should I be worried the connection may drop or be unreliable?
Thanks in advance!

I understand from the docs that is returns dB:

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You mean like the signal strength bars on a mobile?


This may or may not be related to the copper pour issue mentioned elsewhere but my experience so far suggests anything much below -80 means OTA does not work reliably even if the device is otherwise happily chatting away.

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Clearly I misread the documentation! Thank you for pointing that out. Much easier to work with now that I know it is in dB.

Thank you also to Viscacha and ScruffR. Both good to know.