Electron overheats whenever I plug battery in

I have 2 electrons and the asset tracker V2. Whenever I insert the default battery into either of the electrons they immediately start to overheat, regardless of if they’re attached to the asset tracker or not. Why is this occuring?

How hot is “overheat”? Did you measure an actual temperature? What does the status LED indicate the device mode is? Are you noticing abnormal behavior of the device besides a heat issue?

I haven’t measured the temperature, but both electrons get hot very quickly. One of the electrons breathes red, and the other is breathing white.

Breathing white indicates the cellular modem is off because you are using MANUAL or SEMI-AUTOMATIC system modes in your code. There is no breathing red… there is a breathing magenta which is safe mode. If you see red, it’s usually blinking out an SOS code of some sort. You should take a look at the docs regarding the status LED.

What kind of Electron is it (2G/3G/LTE/etc.)?


You don’t happen to still have the plugged into the semi-conductive, static free foam - do you?

Both electrons are 3G, I can confirm that one is blinking red even though that isn’t described on the link you sent me. Also I didn’t find any Manual or semi auto systems in the code.

You can always submit a support ticket.

Blinking red… is there a pattern to it? Any pauses? We are talking about the status LED (4) and not the charging indicator (8), correct? If the charging indicator is blinking red at 1Hz, then it’s indicating a fault condition. You can always post a video of the devices. You can post a picture of your setup if there’s any thing else attached. You can post your code so we can find any issues that would put the device into a bad state.


This sounds like a hardware issue.
Did you ever place the device(s) in the Asset Tracker shield while the shield was powered externally?
In that case it’s simple to kill the device when you just misalign the device by one pin, resulting in feeding Vcc into GND and consequently killing the device.

Or any other short-circuit situation can cause lasting damage to the device too.