Power issues with Electron

Fried Electron

I can’t tell if my Electron is fried or not. I connected it to the cloud and flashed some example programs like the LED flashes. The next day, when I tried to connect the Asset Tracker V2 Shield, the battery status LED was a solid red and the RGB light wouldn’t turn on. The Electron is heating up rapidly when connected to the battery, and won’t turn on.

When I plug the Electron into the USB port on my computer, it doesn’t heat up, but it won’t turn on either and the battery status LED stays red, at a lower intensity.

I’m fairly certain the battery interface might be shorted, but I would like to hear some second opinions.

That does not sound good. You should submit a support ticket.

Sounds like the issue I had with one of my devices - I’m not sure how it even occurred, but I didn’t find a way to recover the device, so I eventually just threw it out.