Electron led red & magenta


would anyone be able to help with the issue of my electron is showing red and magenta heartbeat led , at the same time i cannot see this in the documentation

you are sure it isn’t one of these Electron LED States

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its not those it is half red and half blue breathing


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hi ,
it is a split display one side is red the other side is blue and they are both breathing together at the same time , when i power up it is green flashing then magenta flashing , once it goes online it goes to the split blue and red breathing

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hi, i understand what you are saying however they are displayed separately which is what i was explaining , on startup it does flash magenta then when it goes to the breathing connected state it is 2 x distinctive colors red and blue breathing together simultaneously

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Hey there,

The onboard RGB LED is actually composed of three different LEDs that mix together to create a single color that represents the state of the device.

There is no way for the device to display two different colors independently. Like others suggested, if you’d post a video of the LED behavior, that would be the best way to make sure we’re all on the same page :slight_smile:


@Will, You are absolutely correct that

The onboard RGB LED is actually composed of three different LEDs that mix together to create a single color that represents the state of the device.

However, I do find that when I look at the LED on an angle, I may see one of the colors and not both/all. I have learned to carefully tilt my Photon to be sure I see it straight-on. Even when straight-on, I can often distinguish the component LEDs rather than the combined single color.

I suggest updating the documentation to include a recommendation to view the LED straight-on and to include @Moors7’s color wheel (very nice) to clearly define the names of the colors.

Hopefully this might reduce some of the confusion for newbies.

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Staring into bright light is rarely ever helpful, which is highlighted perfectly in this case. LEDs aren’t made to be looked straight into, rather, indirectly. Put a sheet of white paper over it, or point it to a white surface. That way, the colors blend nicely and you wouldn’t be hurting your eyes.

a video has been sent to particle , please take a look and let me know, it seems odd i know but is definitely 2 colors

Yes. There are two colors. Those two colors make up a new color. Red + blue = magenta, which is what we’ve been saying all this time. That’s how RGB lighting works. You’ve got R, G, and B LEDs, and mix them to get the preferred color. If you look closely enough at a TV you’ll be able to see the individual colors as well. That’s just how it works.

@moors7 thanks for the tip of using paper or a screen (like a wall) … I probably should have thought of that myself. It makes me think that others might miss the same thing. Since @ScruffR mentions viewing the RGB LED is an ongoing issue, it might be worth dumbing it right down. Experience makes it easy but lots of folks are novices…

Since any well ment advice was not believed, I removed all my posts above.

Hey there @smi,

I looked at the video, and can confirm that the color you’re describing is the intended behavior for the LED, and aligns with what we’d expect to happen.

One more time – an RGB LED is composed of three small LEDS in a single component that all light up individually in order to create the perception of a mixed color. Magenta is red + blue, so we would expect both individual red and blue LEDs to light up.

If you inspect closely, the colors may not mix perfectly and you will be able to see each individual red and blue LED activating individually.

I hope this is enough to remove any uncertainty about what is going on.