Electron Flashing LEDs, I'm color blind, what do these mean?

Hey, guys some help here for a color blind guy. I can’t do anything with this Electron and I can’t read what the LEDs are telling me. What mode is this in? And how can I get it back to normal mode? I can’t flash a program. Is there a way to ping the device for a status, or what mode its in?

I’ve up loaded an MP4 of the LEDs on my website.

This is a red SOS+1 hard fault panic reset.
You should put your device in Safe Mode and then flash a new firmware.

Or you put your device into DFU Mode and run particle flash --usb tinker to put back Tinker.


Thanks that worked, sorta. I am getting “breathing” now. Had to reset after going into safe mode. I quickly downloaded a blank program to make it sleep. Then up loaded my application. I’m wondering if my app scrambled the OS. oye.

It really wanted to flash, “green” or what looks like “green” to me. Red/Green look so close.

I think particle should seperate those LEDS, and not go with an all in one. So folks like me can rely on positional information and not be dependent on colors. You know, the Top light in a Stoplight is always RED and the bottom light is the GREEN.

You can mirror the RGB LED to separate LEDs
via https://docs.particle.io/reference/device-os/firmware/electron/#mirrorto-
or https://docs.particle.io/reference/device-os/firmware/electron/#onchange-handler-


Neat! I think I was away from electronics tinkering between versions 0.5.4(?) to 0.7.0, so I missed the addition of mirrorTo() (and the RGB.onChange() handler). Those could obviously also be useful for times when your device is inside an enclosure. But also very cool that they can be used to help out folks with color blindness.