Electron: How to do a factory reset? [Solved]

Hi guys,
I would like to factory reset one of my electrons. But how can I do this ?

I’m not sure if your system firmware version has a factory reset built into it, but why would you need factory reset?

It’s always recommended to try Safe Mode first.
If this does not work for any reason, you might want to put your device into DFU Mode and try CLI

particle flash --usb tinker
particle update
particle flash --usb tinker

(Yes, tinker before and after to be on the safe side)

But if you want to check if your Electron has a factory reset enabled system, you can tap’n’hold SETUP, tap RESET, observe the RGB LED turn magenta -> yellow -> green -> white and release SETUP.
If it doesn’t go beyond yellow, FR is not enabled on your Electron (but as said, it’s not required either).

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Thank you for your replay @ScruffR

The problem is that one of my electrons is suddenly not recognized by my PC. I can´t even charge the LiPo over USB.
(I have other electrons and they get recognized like always).
Also strange is when I try to reboot my PC with the “defect” electron connected via USB, my PC can’t boot up. I get this Error message: USB device over current status detected will shut down in 15 seconds

I have the latest drivers installed via the particle CLI installer and like I said I can connect to my other electrons like allways.

That looks very much like a hardware failure and won’t be cured with a factory reset either.

Could it be that there is a short on the USB connector or on any other pin on the device?
What happens when you power the Electron only with a charged LiPo or via a USB charger?
Do any components get hot? Be prepared to unplug quickly!


Thank you @ScruffR i found my problem,… I had a short on a pin :astonished:

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