Electron can not enter in DFU mode

I am having issue with an Electron starting with quick cyan blink followed by one red and now after many tries (device doctor, keys, etc…) I can not enter anymore in DFU mode.

With USB connected if I try to enter in DFU mode I got only one yellow flash and then nothign (with D7 blue led on - not at full power, but I can see the blue light).

With USB not connected I can enter in DFU mode (blink yellow) but if I connect the USB cable it shut down like above.

I downgraded the firmware to 0.6.0 with the windows tool, and in listening mode running particle identify I can see the device id, IMEI, ICCID and firmware release (0.6.0).

Out of the box I registered it on the cloud then I flashed my software (that was working on 4 other Electron) and since then it didn’t connect anymore to the cloud, and after it I probably did some mistake somewhere… :frowning:

Any suggestion?

Try reflashing the bootloader v0.5.4 via particle flash --serial <bootloader.binary>

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It works!!!

But I ran particle doctor, ran the first step successful then trying to go in DFU mode and I have the same problem!

Then now I re did what you suggested and flashed tinker.

Green flashing light forever.

particle doctor might be a nice tool when it works, but I much prefer doing things step-by-step without any auto-magic.

Can you get into DFU Mode again?
If so, then try the following

particle update
particle keys server
particle keys doctor <yourDeviceID>
particle flash --usb tinker

Check your SIM card whether it’s (still) active, or try one from your working Electrons - you can swap them without problem.
Allow for up to five minutes for a cold connect.

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Yes I did it and I was able to claim again the Electron.

Now I update the firmware at release 0.6.0, I’ve checked all my other devices and all of them have the 0.6.2, could be the 0.6.4 doesn’t fit my code?

It’s a 2G version.

I am using those libraries:

#include <Adafruit_BME280.h>
#include <math.h>

0.6.4 should not be the problem.
What version CLI are you running?
The most recent CLI will update to 0.6.4. If you have an older version particle update will probably apply an older version.

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This issue occured since I’ve updated CLI at the latest version.
I will make some more test, at least I know that the Electron is working.

Thanks for the support I’ll keep you updated!


Updated to the latest release (0.6.4) same issue.

Have you swapped SIMs?
What same issue? (not being able to enter DFU Mode as in the topic title or permanent blinking green)
Can you provide a video of the RGB LED (>40sec)?

You can also flash this diagnostic firmware and post the serial output.

if I upgrade to 0.6.4 it will not go in DFU mode.

In that case you may need to download the next version bootloader and apply that