Electron flashing Fault - videos

tried to flash a different code onto an Electron via Console.io, the flash seemed to start ok, however after some time the status LED began flashing yellow, see video https://youtu.be/ZeNcvRboqNY, I am no longer able to connect to electron. I tried to change mode, reset and got a solid yellow - https://youtu.be/2kj966GCvmQ, still unable to connect or flash, tried further reset, and mode changes and managed to get a Flashing green 20sec, then breathing blue for a second then back to flashing green - https://youtu.be/-858xkPvdcY, still unable to re-flash or connect. Tried a second electron with a different code and the same thing has happened. I have 20-30 electrons and run both of these code regularly and no issues until today.

Are you sure it was console.io?
Or did you mean Web IDE (build.particle.io)

yep sorry was the Web IDE