Electron firmware upgrade page in blank

This page is blank:


Would be helpful if there was some information here, I’m having a lot of trouble trying to upgrade my firmware on the electron (device not being recognized by dfu utility)

Oops! I just created this GitHub issue in the docs repo:

Is your device in DFU mode (flashing yellow)?

Is there an update to this?

The page is still blank, so it seems… :confused:
That said, there’s now this neat little tool that should go a long way :smile:

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If you have a Windows machine and prefer the CLI, we’ve also recently introduced a CLI installer utility for Windows, here:


It’s worth noting that the upgrade process is the same for the Photon as the Electron, so you can change the filter view and should be able to see the page.


Welp, the page is no longer blank because I submitted a Pull Request and was merged into the Docs: https://docs.particle.io/support/troubleshooting/firmware-upgrades/electron/

Try it out and let me know if anyone finds any issues or incongruences with the Particle Photon firmware update