Electron Connected as USB -- Serial.Print() Question


When I connect electron, in device manager, I see electron under USB.

Because I am a beginner, I am not entirely sure all software I installed or the order as I am trying bunch of things where I was confused if it was my USB cable or it was software etc but here is the gist.

  • Installed Particle Drivers
  • Particle CLI
  • Ran Zadig and replaced / updated (?) WINUSB driver.

any serial commands such as particle serial identify etc say that no serial devices attached…

Similarly, when I try to flash firmware using serial and putting device in listening mode and issuing:

particle --flash serial firmware.bin

I get no serial devices attached like above …

Instead, when I put device in DFU mode and I am able to use:

particle flash --usb firmware.bin

Above step flashes the firmware successfully.

so, my question is, how can I monitor serial output in this case.
My program has

Serial.begin(9600); --in set up
Serial.println(Wire.read());  --in loop

When I use putty and try COM ports 1/2/3 etc, I am not able to connect…

Can some one help me understand what I am missing here?


Did you check all COM ports ? I work with port 6 as an example

Hi, I did not go that high with ports, I am not infront of device so I will test it…Thanks.

Could you do me a favor please if you get a chance. Can you tell me:

  • If you device is listed under USB or COM port in device manager and

if its under USB, if you issue

particle serial identify 

does it tell you details…

Because I feel like maybe I missed installing driver or software or something…

because even if it was available on any com port, wouldnt particle serial identify

point me where…because like I said, currently it says no serial devices attached…

It should be listed under COM in order to have it available as serial port.

If you have it under USB look if you have an advanced setting “Enable Virtual Com Port” or similar.
If not you might want to update the driver and actually use the Particle ones


I feel like I did the below steps yesterday:

I went to device manager, chose electron under USB, uninstalled existing driver.
I downloaded the particles driver files.
Manually pointed it to the folder location.
After the step is done, it still goes back under USB devices.

But will try again…maybe I did not do something right. Thanks for the help.

The device should be in Listening or Safe mode when you do that - just to be on the safe side.
Don’t unistall the drivers, just right click and “update driver”


I did what you suggested:

Put it in listen mode.
Goto device manager.
Click Update Driver and manually picked the file for electron.(Before I would point it to a folder and click ok, but this time I did the steps listed here, so I picked the electron.inf file :Installing the USB Driver on Windows & Serial Debugging )

I was able to have it show up under the com ports like I wanted…

Thanks ScruffR and Gecko for assistance.

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