Electron - Cannot connect to USB serial in Listening Mode

I have a new Electron all setup and running fine, but if I put it in Listening Mode, I cannot connect over the USB serial port. Running Windows 7, with the 2 Electron Serial drivers (‘Electron Serial’ and ‘Electron USBSerial1’) installed under ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’ in the Device Manager. Also have the ‘Photon DFU Mode’ driver installed under ‘libusbK USB Devices’ in the Device Manager under . Electron is in Listening Mode (blinking blue). PuTTY cannot connect, and the CLI command ‘particle serial list’ shows COM5 and COM6. But the CLI command ‘particle serial identify’ responds with “Serial err: Error: Opening COM5: File not found; Serial problems, please reconnect the device.” Same response for COM5 and COM6. The CLI command ‘particle serial monitor’ responds with the same error message and adds “Caught interrupt. Cleaning up.” One other note: in the Device Manager, the Electron always shows up under ‘libusbK USB Devices - Photon DFU Mode’. Looks to me like the Electron is stuck in DFU mode. How can I connect over serial USB?

Solved: Ran “particle update” to update the Electron’s system firmware over the DFU Mode USB port, and was able to connect (in Listening Mode) over the serial port after that. The Electron now successfully connects to the Windows 7 machine’s Particle serial drivers. Hope this helps anyone else struggling with the same difficulty. Best regards!

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Thanks for posting your solution!