Electron bricked

i tried to update my electron 3g with the last version via serial and never back ,and i cant get to see on my pc serial,somebody helpme,thanks

What have you tried? What were the exact sequence of events and commands that lead up to the unresponsive device? Does the status LED light? If so, what sequence of colors does it go through? If not, is the D7 LED on but very dim? Are you able to put the Electron into DFU or Safe Modes?

y tried to update via serial with the archives part1 to part3 and the d7 is a litle dim,i can not get to put the electron in safe mode neither dfu mode,does no recognize com port in my pc,what can i do???

This sounds like you are in the “missing bootloader” state. Let’s ping @rickkas7. Also, Take a look at this post: Dim d7 blue light and jtag config help for recovery. If you are experiencing the same issue, then you might only be able to recover the device with a JTAG programmer. You can also open a support ticket with Particle support.

Yes, ninjatill’s response is correct. If you only have a Dim D7 and buttons don’t do anything you have a missing or corrupted bootloader. You can fix it yourself using a SWD/JTAG programmer, or contact support for other options.