Electron blinks cyan-magnta (slowly)

I am new in Particle community. I uploaded some of the particle example codes (Blink an LED and Web-connected led). Both worked OK. After that i tried uploading third example. Now my electron LED is blinking slowly cyan-magenta at the same time. When i try to upload new *.bin file it works, it says it is a success, but when the device resets after the successful upload it blinks cyan-magenta again and also i can not see led function in console (when I tried re-uploading second example that worked before)

This is most likely due to version incompatibility.

When you flash an application firmware targeted at a system version higher than the system present on your device, your device will enter Safe Mode.
To remedy that, you either select a lower version target for your application or update the system to match.

Thanks for really fast response :slight_smile: I did “particle update” via CLI and now it works perfectly.

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