Electron Asset Tracker stopped uploading, did I hit a limit?

Hi everyone, this is my first post and was unable to find anything about this in searching. I hope it is not common knowledge I just missed somewhere. I have the asset tracker and it is currently in my wife’s car as she road trips with the kids around Michigan. She does this a lot and uses me as a travel agent. I’m meeting them latter and have been using the tracker to make them hotel reservations and find things to do close by etc… It is powered, but I’m able to get to it to see the leds or do serial debugging. It has been reporting into my AWS account once per hour for months with no trouble.

This morning, I tried switching to mysignal.io using the signalMQTT library and provided example. This is because I wanted to plot the route on a map. At first upload, I got no response and in hind sight I think was caused by questionable range to a cell tower. I tweaked the upload rate and misunderstood the units, so once it stated reporting, it was doing so at 1 per second for several minutes.

I uploaded an update, and it should be reporting every 15 minutes. Unfortunately it has not reported for 4 hours now. Her cellphone has been working fine this whole time when I call. So I think I must have hit some kind of upload limit. I’m only at .55MB and have a 5MB limit set. Does anyone know of a limit I must have hit and should it just reset tomorrow? I am able to flash new updates with no trouble. It is weird to me that the program worked before, and I am still able to flash updates, but nothing into mysignal.io for hours. I tried flashing my old AWS program and that doesn’t work either.

Ideas? Thanks!


Can the Electron successfully publish data using Particle.publish()?

There’s only the data limit (the 5 MB limit in your case). When doing direct communication by TCP (such as MQTT) there is no other rate limit and you can send at the hardware limit (around 3K to 4K per second) until you run into your data limit.

(There is a limit for Particle.publish, of an average of 1 per second, though that does not appear to be a factor here.)

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