Can I increasing the Particle Burst Limit?

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I’m currently building a product for automated data collection and in an effort to help conserve battery, I shut off the cell connection and then batch upload the data periodically throughout the day. However, the data is recorded every 15 seconds (so there is a lot), and Particle is throttling my upload to 1 publish/second, making the upload period painfully long, and completely draining my battery. With its current rate of power consumption, the product is a no-go.

Is there any way to get the throttling removed, or increase the limit? I’m willing to pay extra. Or does anyone have strategies to get around this problem?


What’s the final destination for the data ?
Are you sending TimeStamp data with each measurement?

Depending on your backend, you could Publish the 80 values every 20 minutes with 1 initial or final timestamp (all inside 1 publish event), and have your backend create the TimeStamps for each individual 15 second measurement. I believe the max is 622 bytes per publish…or something like that.
The 20 minute publish interval would mean the Electron avoids the 23 minute handshakes.

A side Note: The Boron LTE consumes much less battery power (if you are in the US & have service)

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I can’t batch multiple sensor readings into a single publish because we’re transmitting FFT information and it uses the full buffer already (and we’re encoding it using ProtoBuf to improve its size already).

Our backend uses Particle Cloud webhooks to trigger events on AWS and put the data into long-term storage. Is there a way to configure it to go straight to AWS and bypass Particle’s throttling?

Unfortunately I’m in Canada, so for the time being LTE-M is a no-go :frowning:

Wouldn’t MQTT do that ?
[edit] Possibly without the need to even connect to the Particle Cloud for the standard scheduled data pushes.

It is not possible to change the maximum publish rate limit.

Using something like HTTP POST to a server that you control is what I’d recommend for high-data-rate applications. Note, however, that the maximum data rate for an Electron is around 3-5 Kbytes/second, even on 3G, so that will also be a limiting factor.


I’m totally new to Electron (IoT dev in general)… didn’t even think about posting directly lol - Perfect.

I’ll take that maximum transfer rate into consideration but that should be plenty! Thanks!