Easy Setup, not really

Finally had a chance to try setup…
to be honest, not exactly easy.

Two so far both fail on device ownership options

We’re going to need a bit more information other than “it’s not easy”…
What did you try?
Where did it fail?
What didn’t work?
What tools did you use?
What operation system?

The seconds one I’ve tried, i just left after getting setup failed, and the blue light flashing.
now i can see it on the app, and it is pulsing blue?

but they both said they failed on the device ownership stage and had flashing green light


So the devices were in listening mode (blinking blue), after which you used the app (Android/iOS?) to configure the credentials. They then got stuck in the ownership stage. Does that sound correct?
Have you double checked the credentials were not misspelled, and you didn’t accidentally used a 5GHz network?
Have you got any Cores/Photons that do work on the same network?
Are you willing to give the CLI tool a try?

hi there
yep that sounds correct
1 out of three photons conencted no problem,
and 1 core didnt connect

all on a 2G network on the wifi


Hmm, strange.
For those two photons, could you try erasing their credentials (hold Setup for 10 seconds until it starts blinking blue rapidly)? Then, give it another shot, if you don’t mind.
For the Core, could you try a factory reset? Hold mode, then press/release Reset. Wait until the LED starts blinking white rapidly, then release Mode. Then try reentering the credentials.

If you’ve got the CLI installed (which I recommend doing regardless), you could try particle setup wifi when your device is connected and in listening mode. I personally find that more comfortable than the app, but that’s just a personal preference.

@Moors7, I had a Core I had not connected in a long time and I had to use CLI to flash the cc3000 firmware twice before the it connected. Weird but true!

I had lots of problems connectin my new Photons. iOS app did not work at all, I had some luck with serial. I ended up connected to Cloud, but Photons were not claimed. This thread helped me a lot (no need for DFU magic):

Davids-iMac:~ David$ particle setup wifi

! serial: No devices available via serial

Have you made sure you’ve got the proper drivers installed, that the USB cable is okay, and perhaps use a USB 2 port? Also, it needs to be in listening mode.

This should be particle serial wifi
not setup wifi

particle setup wifi works just fine :wink:

But then again, so does particle serial wifi:

Haha… hidden safety net. Nice. I typically type “particle wifi setup” as well and get slapped down.

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