Download code with vscode without pressing buttons?


I am using vscode with the Particle Workbench to create my code for a Photon. By default, it tries to load with dfu mode, but that means I need to put the Photon in dfu mode first. I also tried the cli to download the bin file via serial, but that also requires to press a button to get into listening mode.

Having used Arduino a lot, I have got used to downloading without any button pressing. The Arduino IDE automatically puts the target into the bootloader.

Is there a way to get my Particle Workbench projects to download without any button pressing?


There will be, but for now you can use a magic baudrate 14400 to engage DFU Mode.
e.g. in Windows precede your particle flash --usb command with mode COMx 14400 (x being the auto-assigned port number) and your device should enter DFU Mode.

Thanks that works nicely

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