Using debugger with Workbench

I realize that debugging is not available yet however can Workbench work with the debugger just enough to download new firmware? If not, is their an openocd command that can be entered that will put the argon in DFU mode? I’m trying to avoid having to man handle the device each time I need to load new firmware. My short workaround is the have a function registered to the particle cloud that calls System.dfu() which is cool, but since I have the hardware debugger was wondering if there is a more efficient method.

Just found this post which is pretty good. Just entering:

stty -f /dev/cu.usbmodem141110 14400

with the correct usbmodem number for your device on your mac pops it into dfu mode. Would be great if Workbench integrated this little trick when going to download the firmware. Currently, it errors saying No DFU capable USB device available

You weren't the only one asking for that. Great minds think alike I guess. :wink:


@iitgrad How to debug with VSCode was recently described in another post:

Debug Guide for VSCode


Woohoo, thank @Erich!