Flash over USB like an Arduino

I’m coding for a Photon that spends most of its time with WiFi turned off.

I’ve started using the Particle Dev IDE and I can “compile” and “flash” over USB using Particle CLI in the Terminal but it’s a PITA. Is there an integration to do this from the IDE without having to use the command line and manually reseting the chip into DFU mode each time?

E.g. In the Arduino IDE you just click the Upload button and magic happens.

Web IDE has no access to your USB port, so no way there.
You can download the binary from Web IDE and flash via CLI, but that seems impractical too.

But you can send the device into DFU Mode by setting the baudrate from your host to 14400.
I personally have a batch file that does the compile/set mode/flash via CLI in one go.

BTW, does the magic also happen from the Arduino online IDE?

Cool I didn’t know about this. Then it sounds feasible to have an Upload button in DEV IDE that does it all. I’ll see if it’s an easy task to add this into Atom because it would be great to save all the clicking around to load code.

I didn’t realise there was one until now. :blush:

Yes, Arduino Create does do this. It is accomplished via an installed plugin which has access to the local hardware.

Something for Particle to learn a thing from then :wink: