Does Web IDE allow folders to be created so apps can be organized in folders?

Hi -
Does anyone know if the Particle Web IDE supports having folders? I’d like to organize apps in folders like possible in the Arduino web IDE.

No, folders are not supported in the Web IDE.

We recommend using Particle Workbench (VSCode) instead of the Web IDE, as well.

Thanks for info. I’m helping out a class of high school students, and they are using VSCode, but am looking for web-based options as VSCode, while highly capable, is getting in the way of learning how to program the Argons.

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I find it helpful to organize the apps by starting the sketch name with a number and an underscore. And use a version number at the end, as both will be sorted by the Web IDE.


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Thanks @thrmttnw - I’ll think about that approach. The sticky point is that the Argons are shared from class to class (3 sections), so I was really hoping to have a folder for each class section to put their code in.

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