Web ide organize my apps

In the web ide is there a way to organize my apps into folders?

Unfortunately, there isn’t. Have you considered trying the new desktop IDE: Particle Workbench? That’ll allow you to arrange your projects any way you’d like, as well as use version control.

yea i thought of that but so far i haven’t quite got the hang of the desktop ide. i’ll try again. just thinking of how confusing it would be with a thousand ino files for differently configured devices.

Yup, that’s unfortunate but I doubt that feature will ever come to the existing Web IDE.
However, since there is a filter feature, you could mimik a structure by incorporating prefixes in order to create categories and sort related projects accordingly.

Granted, that requires either foresight to start of that way immediately or extra effort to rename existing projects to incorporate that afterwards.

Coincidentally I had a dialog with one of our engineers about this. I thought I had a lot of apps in Web IDE – he has 460!! So yeah, we would both love to have folders too, but I am not aware that it’s planned.

I suspect that, once everything is working in it, Workbench will be the tool of choice for active users of Particle devices, with Web IDE being a great way to get started.

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