Distance of Power Supply to LED strip

I am using four 5v 60a power supplies to run 4,000 LEDs (DotStar strips).

Does the placement of the power supply, in relation to the LED strip, affect the amount of power that can be supplied to the strip?

For example, I want to place the power supplies in the middle of the long strip of LEDs. Could the power supply be a distance of 15meters away from where the LED strip actually gets fed power from it? If so, what kind of wire would be required to carry power that distance from the power supply to the LED strip?

Ohm’s Law is your friend.
When driving current at 5V over a copper wire of 15 meters you can easily calculate the power dissipation on the wire and the voltage drop.
The specific resistance of copper is 0.017Ωmm²/m

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