Using D7 to power LED’s

Hello everyone, I am working on a project and I soldered the digital output for an 84 led string of WS2812B LEDs. The power is coming from an A/C adapter that is not going through the Photon. Is this acceptable or should I use another digital output pin (except for D6 which is being used for another operation of the project). Thanks in advance.

I think it’s acceptable if it works when you test it, but I would recommend a different pin.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I share your sentiment exactly. What I was hoping to hear was, “yeah sure, that’s 100% ok”. Just being a bit lazy and did feel like desoldering and soldering the wire again to let’s say D5 or D4. Thanks again.

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It never hurts to build your project on a breadboard first, before actually soldering it together :wink:


These projects are being done in a high school setting. Every project is done in a breadboard first when the project allows it. In this case the Photon went into another development environment. Since I buy an overwhelming amount of the development boards out of pocket I tend to be extremely careful.