Dim Light on D7 Only

Hey guys,

I wanted to power my photon via VIN using 5V like the documentation says is allowed.

When I plugged it in and powered it up, there was some sort of green light on the indicator and the D7 light was lit up.

nothing booted however. So I was like okay that doesnt work.

Now when I try to power through the usb all I get is a dimly lit D7 light, Thats all. Nothing works. No indicator, no buttons work. Zip.

Any ideas for a plan of action…I’d like to get my photon working again!



Where did you get the 5V from?

Could be me, but “some sort of green light” sounds rather vague. Care to elaborate?

Have you got any external circuitry attached? What are you suing to power the photon now? Does the reset button do anything? Is safe mode possible? If DFU mode possible? Does the device get hot?

The 5V source was one that plugs onto the end of the breadboard and you just hook up a power supply. I made tests before to ensure voltage and amperage were within limits. It was.

The “green light” was the indicator light, dimly lit, It wouldnt do anything other than that.

Ive tried to go back to using USB and nothing except the dim light on D7 works.

Buttons dont do anything, Cant do anything else.

Also there is heat coming off the P0 Chip and the regulator.

But alas still nothing.

I shot an e-mail over to hello@particle.io but no response yet. (Sent last night)

The quality of a power supply has more factors than just voltage and amperage but also how good the DC is filtered.
Standard 5V chargers often only use a bridge rectifier with hardly any filtering (if any at all). If you used one of these without additional filters you might have damaged the regulator.