[SOLVED] Connected Photon VIN to 12v by accident

Mod Edit (@harrisonhjones): Solution: Don’t exceed maximum voltage ratings. You can try to apply 3.3v to the 3.3v pin to see if just the regulator on the Photon was fried. If that doesn’t work it’s dead

By mistake I connected the voltage in of my photon particle to the wrong side of my power regulator and fed it 12 V. The light came on for a brief second and then immediately went off. Now it obviously won’t turn on when provided the proper 5 V. Is there any sort of fuse or other power protection that I can replace on the photon before sticking it in my NFG pile.

Try powering it with 3.3V on the 3V3 pin. It might just have fried the SMPS 3.3V regulator. There’s no fuse.

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Thanks for the tip BDub. I gave it a try with no success. I think we’ll chock this one up to lessons learned and use the photon for artwork instead!

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