Discourse admins: please allow light/dark theme settings by user

Hey there,

I somewhat like the switch to the dark theme.
However, when links are embedded in lines, they don’t show as clearly in this dark theme.

text without link
test with a link to a wonderful site

See? you can’t really tell the second text has a link (at least using Chrome this is what I see):

Anyhow, maybe the admins can allow the users to select the theme, and this by the Discourse admin options mentioned here:

@Colleen , who can help here? No rush at all.


Thanks for pointing this out, @gusgonnet ! I’ll take a look at that setting as soon as I can- due to Spectra that may be next week

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With the new design it’s also virtually impossible to distinguish between already read and new threads in https://community.particle.io/latest

Before they were bold and black while “old” threads were normal/dark gray.

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I’ll take a look!

I had a few minutes and have updated the settings so users are now able to select their own color palettes and links are now easy to read as @gusgonnet suggested.

it’s an improvement, thanks!
However, there might be an extra setting to allow me to switch back to the light theme, I can’t do it right now. Thanks again!

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Updated, you should now be able to choose between four color schemes!


nice! thanks a lot

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@Colleen one thing that does NOT bug me at all, but I wanted to mention is this: the Particle Community banner is gone when I use the light theme:

the new icon is there, though :slight_smile: