Community Site Upgrade Thursday 6/11 11:30am PDT

Hey Folks,

Tomorrow I’ll be upgrading the software underlying this site and making a couple of changes to finish up the Spark -> Particle name change. Most upgrades happen without disruption in the background without anyone noticing, unfortunately, this particular change requires somewhere between 5 and 20 minutes of site unavailability to make the change.

This unavailability will begin 11:30am PDT on Thursday 6/11, and should be up again a few minutes later.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




I’m pleased to announce that we were able to make these changes without any downtime or site disruption.

For the technically curious, the reason this seemed to require downtime was that some Discourse configuration changes in some settings like the “hostname” cannot be reflected via upgrades done with Discourse Docker Manager, which can upgrade the system without disruption. Instead it appeared that would need to rebuild the Docker container with discourse_docker to reflect the change from to in generated emails. After digging a bit on I found a way to change this value in the database instead of config files, and poof, change made, no disruption.