Community site taken down for upgrade

Well folks, sorry about the brief downtime today there on this here community site!

At around 2pm CST, @Teke , @zachary , @Dave and I all simultaneously turned around and said, “Is the community site being a slow for you?”. To which the answer was, “Yes, we should fix this ASAP”, unfortunately “ASAP” meant a bit of downtime. It also means that the community site should be able to keep up with you now: double the CPU, quadruple the RAM, double the network speed, and configured to be upgradable in the future with less interruption.

Post-Mortem Details:

When we turned the box off so we could change the EC2 instance size, we did not realize that DNS was pointing at a non-elastic IP address, and thus when we brought the box back up, it had a new IP address yet DNS was pointing at the old IP. While I added an elastic IP and repointed our DNS records, @zachary wrote up this update. Unfortunately the time to live (TTL) on the DNS records was one hour, so for some people, the site was not available for an hour.

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I LOLOLOL when i saw this on the page:

Feels like got DDOS by us and i was one of the culprint hitting on the F5. haha!

Well done guys for the quick turnaround. I’m impressed always by the fast response.

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@peekay​123 @kennethlimcp Thanks guys, though we posted something about the incident to–you’re right there is no distinct component reporting status like the other tiers of the Spark Cloud, will add one.

@peekay123 @kennethlimcp Just an FYI, added a component to our status page for this community site. Please let me know if there is anything that would be useful to know if you have other ideas for our status page, and again, thanks for the suggestion!

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The link somehow got tangled with other stuff but i went to and checked it.

Thanks! :smiley:

Ive noticed starting about the same time as this upgrade the new posts aren’t changing or showing up like they used to. the numbers next to the topic don’t always show even if there is new posts and the circle with the spark in it doesn’t show next to new topics.

i thought the forum had gone quiet but its just not alerting me to the new posts like it used too