The Forums Will Be Getting A Makeover On Tuesday 1/17

Hello Hello!

New year, new look for the forums! Discourse, the platform Particle uses to host these forums, has released a new version that will change the look a bit. I’m going to enable it on Tuesday and if the majority you of love it dearly or don’t mind the change then we’ll keep the new look. If it’s the worst thing the majority of you have ever seen and you hate it with all your heart then we’ll go back to the way things used to be and pretend this never happened.

Please post all of your opinions about the new features/look in this thread.


I’m going to Hate it, because I don’t like change.


Thanks @Colleen !
Keep up the Good Work :grinning:


Discourse 3.0 looks cool.
We are going to be able to whisper!
(@Colleen any chance you can look into enabling that for the regulars?)

I hope the upgrade goes smoothly on your side. Thank you.


Looks like a cool feature, I’ll see if there are any issues with it.

Updates are live!

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looking good!

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I’m loving the new notification layout, it’s so organized.

Is the whisper function working for you?

did you add some of us to a group like explained here?

I cannot see the whisper option like they mention here.

Updated the settings, now anyone at a Level 4 trust level (which you are) can see whispers. Let me know if you have any issues.


awesome! that worked.

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