Disconnect my internet..frqequently

After having frequent internet disconnect , I decided to re Flash the tinker into my photon to check if using apple charger to power the photon makes any difference.

Instead of using old USB charger , I used apple charger. But I still have the problem of photon going offline after 4-5 hrs . Any idea how to resolve this issue ? My whole project (I am working) on revolves on photon being online 24/7.

Can the photon be returned for a replacement ?

I had posted having issue with internet disconnect earlier.


I had a similar problem, my Core would disconnect after a few hours. I updated the firmware on my Core. It has been up now for over two weeks.

I used the instructions here:

@myPhonton, until it is officially released to the web IDE, you can installed the latest system firmware available here: https://github.com/spark/firmware/releases


@peekay123 I saw below instructions. I am new to photon and its IDE. Can you tell me where to execute these commands ? Also what is Photon and P1 below ?


particle flash YOUR_DEVICE_NAME system-part1-0.4.3-photon.bin
particle flash YOUR_DEVICE_NAME system-part2-0.4.3-photon.bin


particle flash YOUR_DEVICE_NAME system-part1-0.4.3-p1.bin
particle flash YOUR_DEVICE_NAME system-part2-0.4.3-p1.bin

@myPhonton, you ARE new!! Woohoo! The Photon is what you have in your hot little hands. The P1 is a module you can use when you go to production with an idea that will blow us all away! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

To update your Photon, you will need to install the Particle CLI. If all of this is too much for you right now, it won’t be long until the new firmware is officially released on the web IDE and updates will be automatic. :smile: