Photons goes OFF until a power supply reset occures


Some of our photons are going offline since 29/08/2018 and we couldn’t figure out how. The devices acting like it is in deep sleep till we reconnect to the power. We are not calling the deep sleep function in the firmware. Once reconnects they came back online and connects to the internet. Our last device firmware update was like one month ago and is working fine till 29th. Now we have more than 50 devices offline and some of are in other countries also.

We are using watchdog function, an external LED with brightness 100, System thread is enabled. Does webhooks or particle cloud connection cause this? Does the firmware cause this? Any information is much appreciated.


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Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 or @ParticleD are you able to assist?


I’m sorry about the delayed response here… Can you file a support ticket here and provide the Device IDs of at least three of the devices that are having issues?


Thanks @ParticleD and @KyleG

We managed to figure out the issue. We were creating dynamic strings every 2 minutes, which caused memory fragmentation, leads to device hangups.

Now we are using snprintf for string creation. Our devices are online now for 2 days with zero disconnection. We are planning to do a periodic device reset like once in a week.