Photon losing connectivity and Resets

I have been testing my photon with a modification of the sample blink application. I put in a counter to track how many times loop() runs and publish that counter every 50 loops (about every 2 minutes. It also displays the loop counter via the USB port and prints when it publishes the counter. I have been unable to run the application for more than a couple of hours. I see three problems.

  1. While the application runs, the RGB LED slowly dims the LED Green. I use the dashboard and see my published events appearing. But after a random period of time, the FED starts blinking Fast Green and stops publishing events. The log from the USB port shows that the application is continuing to run normally and the Blue LED continues to flash. What is this fast Green flash telling me and what operation can I perform to get my cloud connection back again. I have had to power the unit down and up to get the application running again.

  2. The second problem is when the application is running well and remains connected, I go through a random number of loops (anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand) and then the Photon just goes offline and back online. I have an IFTTT script running that reports if the Photon comes online. Is there a problem with my Photon? Why should it randomly drop offline?

  3. The Photon seems to randomly reset. It ends us restarting the application. Since it is publishing a loop() counter, I can see on the dashboard that the counter is reset back to zero and starts counting up again just after I see the device has come online again. There are times when it will drop from online to offline to online and the application keeps running normally through it, continuing to count up. But sometimes there is a real reset and the counter is reset back to zero in restarting the application.

These things are of concerned in writing an application where you are then going to depend on staying connected and running without having the application reset.


Hi jmosk, there are 2 or more other forum threads on this issue - it is, I believe a pretty widespread problem that I’m sure the Particle guys will get on to soonest. Check: