Photon Reliabilty

My Photon was not maintaining a solid connection to a strong WiFi signal for more than 30 minutes at a time. It would drop from the WiFi network and reconnect. So I upgraded to firmware 0.4.3 and it definitely improved the WiFi connectivity to up to 16 hours without a loss (10hrs, 8.3 hrs, 1.75 hours and 16 hours in tests).

But, several times during the testing, the app does not just lose the WiFi connection, the Photon resets and restarts the app. This happened several times during the separate hours of test runs indicated above.

The worst part, is the device still has been unable to remain fully operational for a 24 hour period. In each day of testing, the Photon eventually got itself into a state where the Green LED is blinking fast showing that it is trying to connect to the WiFi network, and it fails to ever connect to it. A power down reset, immediately results in the connection being re-established.

I cannot deploy an application to the Photon knowing that it will not even operate 24 hours without locking up, let alone the weeks and months I will want the app to run unattended.

Hi @jmosk

There are quite a few of us experiencing similar problems, have a look at the following thread and perhaps follow the progress there. There have been a number of topics popping up about this so it might be good to condense the information into one thread. Hopefully we will hear that this is being looked into soon.
I agree, it is a concern for those of us wanting to deploy in the near future.

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The latest firmware crashes and resets when trying to delete a socket, which happens after losing the WiFi connection. There are several issues on GitHub for this: #516, #490

Ever since v0.4.4 was released, the reliability problem has gone away. I have deployed my app and it has maintained a cloud connection and run 24 x 7 for several weeks.