[SOLVED] Photon going offline/online at regular intervals

I’m seeing my device going offline/online in semi-regular intervals (~ every minute). I’m assuming it’s my code causing issues, perhaps my code is crashing and causing the device to reset? I’m not seeing it go into the Setup() function, so is the device restarting because of a crash or is it something else? It’s running firmware 0.6.0 and connected to power via USB whilst I have serial monitor open.

See the attached image showing the offline/online events in the particle console.


If setup is not running, then the device is not resetting.

Probably so, but we won’t know unless you post your code.

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Thanks @Ric. My entire setup has been posted here for an unrelated issue. Hope this helps.

Have pretty much solved this in another thread which I believed to be unrelated, but ended up being related;

(reduced the amount of http calls I was doing from every second to every 5 seconds, board then stopped going offline/online).