Disconnect from Internet

Got my photon yest. All works fine but the device disconnects from being online after 4-5 hrs. Any idea why ?

@myPhonton, you will need to give more details! Did you flash your own app to the Photon? If so, can you post the code? When it disconnects does it then reconnect again? More data please :wink:

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I did not flash my code. All I did is set it up using my iPhone and all worked fine. In the past 24 hrs I have observed that it got disconnected 4-5 times(may be every 5-6 hrs) . The only way I could bring it online is by disconnecting the power supply and connecting it back in. I got my photon yesterday.

@myPhonton, new firmware and auto-updating will be released very soon. Many factors can cause a Photon to go offline including distance from the wireless AP, wireless “noise” from other APs, the DHCP lease time on your AP, etc. Another bit factor is the quality of your power source.

can you be more specific. I need to keep photon online continuously for the success of my project.

what should be appropriate voltage and current for Photon from power source ?

@myPhonton, how are you powering the Photon now and what do you have it connected to?

Had an old micro USB which I used for phone …did not check for the specifications. Now that you mentioned power source could be an issue , I will check when I get back home. But curious to know what should be the voltage and current.

@myPhonton, the Photon requires 5v at about 130ma (MAX) but many members have found that cheap power supplies are noisy and perform poorly. One of the best adapters has been an Apple brand charger.

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