My photon always disconnects every few seconds


I have a problem with my photon. My device always disconnects every few seconds and connects again to cloud.

The device is connected to a powersupply. In this case somtimes I’m not able to flash the firmware OTA.

If I connect the device to my laptop on a usb port my photon stays connected to the cloud.

Is this a bug or is the power supply bad. Can you help me please? Thanks.

Kin of regards

Place your device in safe mode and see if that still happens

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Hi @Serkan,

If it works when connected to a different power supply, I would think your original power supply is bad?




@kennethlimcp I treid now the safemode. In safe mode the device stays connceted.

@Dave I reset device after the safe mode and the device stays a long time for hours connected to the cloud. It seems that the powersupply is ok. I think it’s a sporadically. Is there someting to pay attention in the code.

Thanks, Serkan

Hi @Serkan,

Cool! So yes checking your code would be good. Look for anything that blocks (like a hard delay) for long periods of time. If you block more than 10-30 seconds, your device may disconnect from the cloud. The newer multi-threading support on the Photon should reduce this problem considerably however.