Photon getting disconnected from Particle Cloud in Safe Mode?

After safe mode invocation, my cloud connection drops out after about 30 seconds… yet, all my other locally connected P-series devices are happily online.

This Photon is claimed under our enterprise account and visible in console, but only can stay connected briefly. I’m wondering under what conditions this can occur while in Safe Mode?

[EDIT @ 2+ hours later]
There’s been a “miraculous” reconnection to the cloud, and the device remains in safe mode?

Hi @jimini -

Just to confirm, is the Photon working now, or is it stuck in Safe Mode?

Regards, Friedl.

Friedl -

It’s remained in Safe Mode overnight, which is what it should do. The console event log was also open overnight for event logging and it’s clean this morning. The issue was either some Particle Cloud back-end conflict with our account, or there’s some oddities with my local router and/or ISP.

The very essence of Safe Mode is for a device to connect to Cloud, so when this device was getting booted off the Particle Cloud while running our user code, I opted to see how Safe Mode behaved. The cloud connectivity operated the same regardless of how it was running (Safe Mode or User Code). It would initially connect to cloud then drop connection after 30 seconds or so.

What made this so odd is we have other P-Series devices that were running the same User Code and they were all happily connected to Particle Cloud and doing their thing.

Strange behavior… a bit unnerving as our fleet size continues to expand.

HI @jimini -

I do not have experience with P1’s but will venture there soon. As for the Photon, Safe Mode is not suppose to disconnect form the cloud after 30 seconds. Even though there are a couple of things in the stack that can cause a disconnect from the cloud, it should not happen frequently. As there is no user code running while in Safe Mode, I suspect it might be quite difficult to pinpoint the reason for these disconnects.

My first suspicion would be weak Wifi connection or high latency for what ever reason. I have seen this before on Photon’s so more often than not, I opt to use an external Antenna. If you do, just make sure you select to use of external antenna in the STARTUP section of your user code. Sorry of I am stating the obvious :slight_smile:


Regards, Friedl.

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