Disable the MODE button feature added on Boron with OS 1.5.0-rc.1

in the latest deviceOS update, a feature (labeled as bug fix) was added to the Boron:

  • [Boron/BSoM] Enables advance SETUP/MODE button features (single click - RSSI, double click - soft poweroff) #1918

Is there a way to disable this behavior other than downgrading the OS? I’ve been enjoying the control of what happens when I double click the MODE button, but now it just forces the device to go to sleep.

I know that was the case for the Electron, (that might explain why it’s treated as a bug fix), but it’s been different for the Boron for so long now that I assumed it’s just different (and better) with Boron.

Unfortunately there is no way to turn it off at this time. It’s a reasonable feature request.