Change electron mode button behaviour


Just wondering if there is any way to disable the default mode button behaviour in the electron firmware?
I know we can access the button using system events, however ideally I’d like to disable the signal strength check that occurs given a quick press.


What’s the use case?

My guess is that overriding the behavior through system events might be the way to go though i have yet to test it :smile:

Hi @kennethlimcp

It’s really just for adding another function instead of the signal check. Signal strength will be visible elsewhere in my product so there is no requirement for it.

I will see how I go and post back if I figure it out.

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Did you end up finding a solution to this? I’m trying to add a button handler for click and double click, but my handler is never called and the double click puts the device to sleep. Looking at the source for v0.6.0 it looks like the button behavior is hardcoded on Electron.

I haven’t had the chance to look at this again sorry @HossBoss, will post back when I do.