Changing Mode Button Press Functionality


I am working on a firmware we will be using for emissions testing with the B404X and was hoping to make use of the MODE button to switch between different modes my firmware could run thru. Is it possible to replace the current functionality of the mode button from within user firmware?

It looks like there are currently 2 builtin functions for this button based on 4.2.0. It looks like case1 might activate cellular to get the rssi, which I need to avoid in some test stages.

I have tried commenting out this code and flashing, which does work if I use build script 1.13.0 and flash-all, but it would be nicer to do with user firmware.

It's not practical to override the default button press behavior, because it would require a custom build of Device OS.

You can still implement a single click handler, though it will occur in addition to the RSSI display. You can also implement a triple click handler from user firmware.

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