Boron Wake up from Mode Button

Is it possible to wake up from hibernate mode on the Boron by using the Mode button?

Hi @wesner0019 it should be possible on the Boron using the BTN pin, which is wired to Mode. Let me know if you have any issues getting this to work.

Thanks, I do have another question, can the Mode button be overidden to be used as a seperate switch not tied to entering safe mode, dfu, etc?

Hey @wesner0019 you can capture a Mode press using the System.on API and do whatever you need to from the handler. See

Hello, thanks for the feed back. I have another question about the MODE buttons. Can the MODE functionality be disabled. IE if the MODE button is pressed and held for more then 3 seconds it doesnt enter Listening mode.

Hi @wesner0019 great question! It’s not currently possible do to this in user firmware today, but it is a good idea. I’ve added this to our internal tracking system. Thanks!

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