Devices with more RAM?

Are there some devices / prototype boards / … that are known to run the Particle firmware and WiFi networking, and can connect to the Particle cloud, but have a lot more RAM?

(For algorithm development, it would be advantageous for us to be able to capture a lot of data – more than we will ever do for the production device – but running the same code)

How about a Raspberry Pi

Hmm! That’s an idea!! Real-time behavior would be different, though, because my understanding is that the Particle code on the RPi is running on top of Linux. Is that correct?

I signed up for the beta some time ago, but never heard anything. Is that public now?

The first couple thousand Beta slots were filled rather quickly, but Will recently mentioned that the rest of the Beta applications should get handled till end of January.

@jernstlun, how much RAM is “a lot more RAM”?

@peekay: there are a bunch of different use cases. Twice (i.e. of the available) RAM of the Photon would be good, more even better.

@jernstlun, is external SPI RAM a possibility?

@peekay123: excellent idea. This might work.

@jernstlun, how much data “churn” are you looking at? You could use external flash instead coupled with SPIFFS which is a file system for external flash. It includes wear-leveling to get the most life from the external flash.

Wear should not be an issue, this is just for instrumenting a bunch of test/beta kind of setups to collect more data than the production device. If it fails, no big deal.

@jernstlun, external SPI flash is cheap and easy to use. With SPIFFS you can store your data in a file format making. I had it running on a 1MB SPI flash just fine. You could also use a microSD along with the SDFat library on Build. It supports DMA and is very fast.

Take a look at this topic:

The code link for SPIFFS is here: